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What is the right age to start dental check-ups?

A lot of parents are unsure of the appropriate age to bring their child to the dentist. Hence, for some kids, the first visit is with a toothache. Resolving a toothache usually requires invasive dental procedures involving anesthesia. Having a traumatic first dental visit leave’s a bad memory for children and the fear of the

Ten things your dentist can tell you about your general health.

The health of your mouth reflects your overall health and wellbeing. Your dentist is checking for more than just cavities at your check-up. Below are a few things that your dentist can spot. 1) You are anaemic- Low iron levels often present in the mouth as pale gums, ulcers or sores in the corner of

How to deal with fear of the dentist

A lot of people have a phobia of the dentist. A lot of the time this can stem from a previous bad experience when young, or you may just have always hated the dentist. Unfortunately, this fear can lead to people avoiding the dentist, and this then leads to a worsening of their dental problems.

Do I really need to floss?

Last month we discussed tooth brushing technique. To go along with brushing twice a day you also need to clean between your teeth. If your skipping cleaning between your teeth, you are missing half of the surfaces in your mouth. Most of the cavities we see start between the teeth which shows how important inter-dental

Caring for Children’s teeth

It is important to look after children’s teeth for a few reasons. Firstly, to get them into good habits that will carry over into adulthood. Secondly, the baby or ‘deciduous’ teeth act as placeholders for the adult teeth, if the baby teeth are lost early children are more likely to need braces.   Some first