Dr Belinda Wilkie Introduction

August 28, 2017 admin


I am Dr Belinda Wilkie, I recently joined Ocean Breeze Dental from Bendigo. I graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Sciences and Masters in Dentistry and I am very passionate about helping anxious patients. I am gentle and caring while also providing excellent quality of care. I love working with patients of all ages and believe creating a good experience from a young age helps create a positive attitude towards dental visits as an adult. I have a range of experience including check-ups, fillings, cleans, dentures, crown and bridge, Root Canal Treatment and extractions amongst other areas. A particular interest I have is improving people’s smiles through the use of 6 Month Braces.

What is 6 Month Braces:
6 Month Braces are short term orthodontics aimed to improve the smile of people over the age of 18. This system uses small clear brackets to help align teeth while looking better than conventional braces…and of course, they only take six months to complete!
The process involves appointments every four weeks which involves changing wires to ensure your teeth are moving into the correct position for a straighter more beautiful smile. At the beginning of treatment, small brackets are placed on your teeth to help hold the wires in position. At the end of the treatment, the brackets are removed gently, so no damage to your teeth occurs.
How to begin:
The first step to your six-month journey is beginning with a consult so we can provide a customised plan for your smile. You will be included in the process from start to finish ensuring we can provide the best result for you and answer any questions you may have!

Check out www.oceanbreezedental.com.au for more information.