Invisalign is virtually invisible braces

April 20, 2016 admin


Sam invisalign

  • Over 3 million patients have had their teeth straightened, with Invisalign, all over the world. Some of these patients include Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise & Serena Williams.
  • Invisalign aligns your teeth by a series of clear aligners. It is a perfect option for adult orthodontics, if your teeth are not as straight as you would like, and you do not fancy the traditional brackets and wires, then Invisalign is for you.
  • It is easy to clean your teeth with Invisalign as you can just remove the aligner and clean your teeth as normal and then pop the aligner back in.
  • They move your teeth slower than conventional braces, so they are more comfortable.what is invisalign

Is it worth it?

I truly believe everyone deserves to be confident with his or her smile. Good teeth and a glowing smile are one of the first things you notice when you meet a new person.

Having straight teeth makes for healthier gums and less chance of decay because it is easier to clean all the surfaces of your teeth. When teeth are overlapping, you can get areas plaque can gather and stagnate.

 Is Invisalign expensive?

Invisalign is not as expensive as you may think. The cost of treatment depends on the number of aligners needed, so if you only have a few teeth to move then, it will be more affordable.

We also have a monthly payment plan that makes payment easier to manage.

Depending on your health cover you may also get some rebate from your private health insurance.

Also, for the next few months at Ocean Breeze Dental, we have 25% discount on Invisalign.


Smile makeover

Invisalign is also a perfect treatment to have alongside other treatment.

  • You can use your aligners as custom bleach trays, so whitening your teeth at the end of Invisalign treatment has little-added cost.
  • It is also useful to straighten the teeth with Invisalign before having veneers, this makes for a better final result with veneers and means less, or no tooth drilling needs to be done.
  • Invisalign also works well alongside bridge or implant treatment to make the correct spaces for the replacement teeth and a more natural looking finish. How does the process work?


  1. Samantha Ho will firstly take your clinical photographs and impressions.
  2. She will then make a thorough clinical diagnosis and treatment plan based on your areas of concern.
  3. We send your models and photos to Invisalign, where the Invisalign technicians create a 3D simulation of your teeth.
  4. Samantha Ho will explain your scans and 3D simulation and make sure your 100% happy with the result before the aligners are being made.
  5. Once you have your aligners, we will review you every six to eight weeks to make sure everything is moving as expected.