What is the right age to start dental check-ups?

January 16, 2017 admin

A lot of parents are unsure of the appropriate age to bring their child to the dentist.
Hence, for some kids, the first visit is with a toothache. Resolving a toothache usually requires invasive dental procedures involving anesthesia. Having a traumatic first dental visit leave’s a bad memory for children and the fear of the needle and dentists gets ingrained. We see adults who have dental phobia due to similar experiences in their childhood.
The best way to avoid these situations is to get children in for regular dental visits from the age of two onwards when all the primary teeth have erupted.
It desensitizes the child to the gradual introduction of dental instruments in the mouth, the fear of a new place, white coat, the different chair, etc. The check-ups are non-invasive, fun & playful, so children leave happy with a gift. Starting check-ups early also helps the dentist build up trust and friendship with the child.
What’s involved in the checkups:
• Checking the number of teeth and oral hygiene habits.
• Diet evaluation and guidance
• The jaw growth pattern and bite – to assess any potential crowding issues in the future
• Airway evaluation –
• Any myofunctional problems like tongue tie, wrong swallowing patterns, mouth breathing, etc
• Any potentially harmful habits like thumb or finger sucking/tongue thrusting / excessive drooling/ lip sucking etc.
It would be recommended to keep the consultations with the same dentist so that the progress of any advice given or treatment plan can be monitored through to the next visit.
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Written by Dr Mahwash Masood